Takenoyu will resume normal opening hours and days from June 1st (Tue).

We will be instituting  guidelines to limit the virus spread and to keep everyone healthy. 

General Guidelines
    1. Customers are going to be
required to wear masks or a facial covering while at Takenoyu 
    2. Customers will be
required to use the hand-sanitizer upon entrance.
    3. We may
limit the customer number to avoid massive crowds during busy hours.
    4. Please avoid
physical contact In side the building.

Sauna Guidelines 

    1.Sauna rooms will be available for up to 4 people.
avoid physical contact inside. (Talking)
take distance from each other. 
    4.While inside, please
cover your mouth with a towel or cloth.
    5.Please refrain from using for a
long period of time.

   **Only the people who will follow the guidelines will be allowed inside**

As Takenoyu, we will cleaning and sanitizing regularly to ensure everyones health. 
If there are any signs of COVID-19 please refrain from coming to Takenoyu.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Open hours: 15:30-23:00

​Closed Dates. Mon・Fri